NIVIUK Takoo Tandem Paraglider

A tandem paraglider is all about safety and relaxation. Consistent launches, ease of flight in the air, and easy consistent landings. Sharing the skies with our passengers/clients on a wing we can trust. Like all Niviuk wings the construction of the Niviuk Takoo tandem paraglider is impeccable, and the design is crisp and sharp.

Kari Castle flew her Takoo paraglider and her passenger a record 227 kilometers in 7 ½ hours in Australia. Remember, your results may vary!

The Takoo tandem paraglider is a really wonderful tandem glider. It has great performance, yet still is a DHV 1-2 rated glider. It flies as much like a solo glider as any tandem, like all Niviuk paragliders it has great feel in thermals, and makes a perfect tandem wing for both recreational tandem pilots and professionals alike. To purchase a Niviuk TAKOO visit the
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Niviuk Takoo Tandem Paraglider
Niviuk TAKOO tandem paraglider

Here’s a review below of the Niviuk Takoo from paragliding forum.

“Had my first flight on the Niviuk Takoo 42, 110-220 KG, I flew it at about 185 kg. Previous tandem experience on Paratech Bi4, Advance Bi3, Airwave Scenic, Ozone Cosmic Rider. Full disclosure, I’m the Niviuk importer for west coast US. I had inspected and kited the wing the day before and noticed it has the slightly scalloped edges of the lower leading edge like Advance wings and some of the other Niviuk wings. It has details like cross bracing with reinforced ribbon on the front edge of the bracing, and reinforced areas at the wing tips where the lines attach, and Velcro dirt openings at the wing tips. It comes with trimmers and brakes with a small swivel to decrease brake line twisting, and a small bar just above the brakes and below the swivel.

Inflation was easy, and straight with a 5 mph breeze. The Takoo has a direct feel to the brake pressure, no mushiness, gives a solid feel of the glider through the brakes, but it’s a soft touch. I had seen a few solo pilots launch into small, tight thermals, and knew it was a fairly high pressure day, so I wasn’t expecting to stay up long.
We flew into our first bit of lift and my passenger and I weight shifted, I applied a little brake. After a few turns I was smiling at how easily the glider turned. We stayed in the tight stuff easily. I flew most of the flight with trimmers open, but then tried at various positions, 1/3, 2/3, fully stopped down. Then released to full open for landing.
After 45 minutes I decided to fly out to land, as my passenger, a pilot wanted to go back up for a solo flight and our LZ can get poppy and unpredictable as the day progresses. The wind socks had been indicating a light breeze from the SW, but as we approached they were barely moving. We came in fast and I had both of us out of the harnesses early and prepared to run. I took a wrap and was hands at the pulleys. I started to flare and immediately felt the glider bite, and then slow nicely and then stop just as we touched gently to a two-step landing, just after I completed the flare. Another big smile on my face at such a natural and stress free almost no wind landing! I thought the Takoo had great feel, both for thermaling and especially the flare at landing. More flights this weekend!”
Niviuk Takoo Tandem Paraglider

“Next Weekend:

Did a few more tandems over the weekend. One with total weight of 202 kg, another about 190 kg, both basically no wind landings.
Both landings were no step, soft and easy.

Again, very nice handling in the air after an easy launch.
One flight was a sled ride, the other had small, high pressure,
football shaped thermals (American football that is!)
Challenging to stay with but the TAKOO is a nimble tandem.

Great feel and authority on the flare.”

The French paragliding magazine Parapente wrote that the Takoo lands and flares “like a kiss!”

The Takoo has a trim system for adjusting the speed of the glider. Fully released the trim system speeds up the glider for increased penetration and increased air speed. Half trim system is the normal trim speed of the glider, while full stopped trim slows the glider noticeably. The Takoo comes standard with Niviuk’s
ERGO XC handles. which make flying the Takoo even more of a joy. Another unique Niviuk innovation is the big ears lock system which allows easy “look Ma no hands” big ears.


Vol Libre-Takoo

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