NIVIUK HOOK DHV 1-2 Paraglider

The Niviuk Hook paraglider is an intermediate DHV 1-2, with plenty of performance, but not a DHV 2 wing that slipped through the system! No category is more competitive than DHV 1-2 paragliders. Pilots looking for a DHV 1-2 wing are looking for performance with a strong margin of safety. There may be some “hot” 1-2’s that will beat a Niviuk Hook paraglider on a really long glide, but there is always a compromise. The Hook has a great feel in thermals, turns naturally and consistently. Niviuk’s Hook has amazing climbing performance too. Taking the Hook through a maneuvers course you will find it responds amazingly benignly on all the deflations, popping out so fast it is really hard to work to get it to simulate big deflations. The wing also has such a great feel that you will avoid deflations even in really nasty air by paying a bit of attention and flying the Hook actively. There have been many pilots who started on a Niviuk Hook DHV 1-2 as their first wing. An initial reluctance was that it has so much performance that it must be only for more advanced pilots, yet the built in safety and its relatively benign nature make it a great paraglider option for a talented beginner, as well as a paraglider for experienced pilots. To purchase a Niviuk Hook visit the Niviukwest Store.
Niviuk Hook Paraglider flying Monterey
Niviuk HOOK Paraglider

EXCERPTS of REVIEWS of the Niviuk HOOK DHV 1-2:

Phillipe Lami in
Parapente Magazine wrote: (rough translation from the French)

"The Niviuk HOOK complements the already excellent Niviuk NK1 by offering more performance, and above all an exceptional homogeneity. This wing has everything right. When flying you just forget about it. With precise controls, it offers excellent performance while still retaining good behavior: slight damping, but not much. As a bonus it’s light. A worthwhile choice amongst the Zulu, Epsilon 5 and other great wings.
...exceptional homogeneity, quality construction...

Five out of five for: finish, set-up, inflation without wind, inflation with wind, brake pressure, slow flying characteristics, performance, quality/price tradeoff

Four out of five for: precision of controls, roll damping"

For use as a powered paraglider Philippe Lami wrote:
“She (the HOOK) is for pilots with a bit of experience. With sportive characteristics she fits into the DHV 1-2 category. She demands a little attention for a clean inflation in zero wind with an engine, but once in the air becomes a true delight to handle. Precise braking action…clean behavior…I love her!”

Niviuk Hook Paraglider
"Hi all,
Took delivery of my Niviuk Hook yesterday and headed straight down to the coast for a nice boaty flight to get to know it.
Initial impressions stepping up from my Nova Pheron are good. I'm pretty much smack bang in the middle of the weight range on the Large.
Conditions were 12 - 14 knots to begin with, and dropped back to about 11-12 knots later in the evening.
First thing I noticed was the teeny weeny risers (compared to the Pheron). It has split A's to help with Big ears, and the A lines themselves are noticeably quite thick (re-assuring).
The quality of the stitching on the actual glider is phenomenal...can't fault the quality of construction at all.
Launching was easy. First thing I noticed was the difference in brake pressure & handling compared to the Pheron. As the Niviuk website states, there is no 'dead spot' in the handling. You pull a little brake, and straight away the glider responds. Nice. This gave the whole glider a nice 'tight' feeling. I guess you could compare it to driving a truck with a big steering wheel with lots of 'play' in it, to jumping in a sports car with a small sports steering wheel and tight suspension. It was easy to get used to and felt very natural. For me I felt more 'connected' to the glider.
This handling was great. Whang it around in a tight turn, the glider dives, but is easily and immediately checked by dialing in a bit of outside brake. This immediate response is very cool!
Big ears where easy enough to pull on using the split A's, and came out by themselves, albeit nice and slowly in their own time
One big observation is this glider's conversion of energy to lift. Do a tight turn and straighten out, and you will pop up quite a bit. A friend also test flew a Hook inland, and in thermals this thing just wants to climb like nothing else!
Managed about 5 top landings. I was confidently able to put the glider down right next to my friend without any problem, thanks to the precise control.
This is just an initial observation. I'm yet to take it inland, however would be keen to hear from other pilots who have flown the Hook.


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