NIVIUK Paragliders: Attention to Small Details

Niviuk Artik Paraglider photo
The word
Niviuk is derived from an Inuit word meaning attention to small details. Not exactly an earth shattering slogan you might say! But with a closer look the importance of that attention to detail becomes apparent. The small details add up to the many awards Niviuk paragliders have won, the rave reviews that Niviuk wings receive, and the sharp look of Niviuk paragliders, creating maximum performance throughout the line.

Niviuk Paraglider Details
A look at the details of construction shows how even the small things work synergistically to create an outstanding wing. Compare Niviuk Paragliders to other wings and look at their construction. The design and the construction are unsurpassed.

Photo of Velcro dirt opening to clean a Niviuk paraglider

All Niviuk paragliders have Velcro "dirt" openings on the tips
Velcro openings make it much easier to remove sand, dirt and leaves. Many other paragliding brands don't have Velcro dirt openings, but even the Niviuk NK1 does!

photo of V-ribs and reinforcements on Niviuk Paraglider

All Niviuk Paragliders have V-ribs
V-ribs help to support each cell for increased stability of each cell. Few other paraglider brands' DHV 1 wings have V-ribs. But the Niviuk NK1 to the right does!
All Niviuk Paragliders have the V-ribs reinforced with a sewn-in band of nylon tape.

Niviuk ERGO XC Handles to optimize your glider
Photo of Niviuk Ergo XC paragliding handle
Niviuk Ergo XC handles with extra magnet

Many pilots change their original handles to try to find a more ergonomic and comfortable configuration. The use of special adapted handles is common in acro. The Niviuk team studied the problem for cross country pilots, who want to increase their comfort and the feel of their glider during longer flights. After studying the anatomy, the biomechanics and the physiology of the hand and wrist during flight the Niviuk team developed the ERGO XC handle. The ERGO XC handle has a unique ergonomic design to adapt to your needs and efforts, and is manufactured with comfortable and durable materials. The ERGO XC handle permits more immediate feedback and input to your glider to receive and transfer flying information in a more direct and precise way, giving the correct support to the hand and wrist.

Photo of Normal Niviuk paragliding handleX-ray using a normal paragliding handle
Normal handle with an X-ray of the standard hand and wrist alignment in flight

In flight a pilot may use up to 50% brake, which equals an average pressure of about 3 kg. This effort is often difficult to maintain, because it has to be held in a not adaptive or non-ergonomic manner. This means supplementary fatigue that can diminish the ability to react correctly.

Niviuk Ergo XC paragliding handle photoX-ray showing optimal alignment with Nivik Ergoxc paragliding handle
Niviuk ERGO XC handle with an X-ray of the optimal hand and wrist alignment in flight

X-rays taken using the ERGO XC handle show a more natural and correct alignment of the hand and wrist, to diminish fatigue and increase your performance.
The ERGO XC handle supports your hand and wrist, diminishing the effort, optimizing feedback and input to your glider, making piloting easier and more pleasant, the way it should be.
The ERGO XC handle is standard on the Niviuk ARTIK and the Niviuk TAKOO paragliders. The ERGO XC handle is an option for all Niviuk paragliders without modification, and can be adapted to other brands with a small modification of the riser magnets.

NIVIUK Paragliders: Setting Industry Standards
The construction and materials used in all Niviuk Paragliders is among the best in the paragliding industry. All parts are laser cut and accurately sewn. Inside and out the details of design and construction are unparalleled. Add the sharp look and great Niviuk feel, and you can see how this company has leapt into a position to set new standards for the paragliding industry.

Each wing comes with a patch kit and a speed bar, as well as a small bag for the risers. Each Niviuk paraglider comes with a cover bag and a packing belt for protection and compact packing. All Niviuk Paragliders have a warrantee for 3 years or 300 hours.


Niviuk Paragliders Flight Bag photo2Niviuk Paragliders Flight Bag photo1Close up photo of Niviuk Fight Bag 3close up photo of Niviuk flight bag 2Close photo up of Niviuk Flight Bag
Niviuk Flight bag detailed views

All the Niviuk wings come with a newly designed flight bag which is one of the nicest you've ever seen. The Niviuk flight bag has multiple pockets, comfortable shoulder straps, a padded waste belt, compression straps, as well as sharp Niviuk styling.

Niviuk Paragliders attention to small details of construction is repeated across the spectrum of the wings. These small details add up to great wings of unsurpassed quality. Of course the most important detail is to try a Niviuk! For the latest information on any of our products, a referral to a Niviuk dealer/instructor near you, or to share feedback on Niviuk products or this website, please Contact Niviukwest. To purchase any Niviuk Paraglider product visit the Niviukwest Store.

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Niviuk PEAK

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